The secrets to become a strong Influencer

Hint : Start with why !


Demonstrate your commitment to the Causes 

Engagement is key

It requires several things :
 - First, understand our Causes and the meaning of our Tribe very well
 - Second, be truly committed to them, decide to engage your life to support them, by executing projects, by recruiting other tribe members, by evangelizing
 - Third, be engaged in helping others to develop their affinity with our causes, by standing as role model, but also by direct interaction, verbal or in action

Therefore, if you aspire to maintain an strong influence on the company, to keep an important role in our tribe (with all the benefits)
it becomes crucial to promote and share openly and as widely as possible :
 - What is your viewpoint on our Causes
 - How you understand them 
 - How much are you committed to them, hwo far would you go ?
 - How does your behavior proves what you say, how seriously do you act upon the Causes ?
 - How any new supporters you recruited for our Causes ?

Go ahead, sommunicate, let your position be known, push your strong points, and be convincing ! That's the only way people will choose you to become their Influencer.