Know your Influencers !

A leader is someone that others decide to follow


An Influencer is someone that has an important impact on who you are : your ideas, your personality, your taste, your view on the world. There are two kind of Influencers :

  • The Proximity Influencers : the people you see the most, the ones you work with, the ones you talk to most of the time. Whether you like it or not, consciously but also incousciously, their personality and opinions influence you. You have a limited capacity to change them (you'll have to wait the end of your project...), and their influence is typically both broad in scope and implicit in shape.
  • The Spiritual Influencers : despite the fact that you don't interact a lot with them, these people that you admire have a great influence on you because you respect and value their opinions. Unlike the Proximity Influencer, the Spiritual Influencers can change as quickly as your opinion on someone can change, and their influence is quite explicit since you know what you admire them for, which could as well be Excel skills, customer relation skills, or commitment to a specific cause. Whatever the field, your Spiritual influencer masters a trait that you would love to master too.

While the Proximity Influencers know best who you are, the Spiritual influencer know best who you want to become at least in his/her area of expertise. That is why when they are together, your Influencers are the best people to help you in your life path, and as such they deserve to play an important role in providing your guidance.

Do you know your Influencers ?

It is very important for each one of us to know at each moment who his/her influencers are. And it is equally important that this information is shared with rest of the Tribe so that each Influencer knows who he needs to take care of. The harmony of our Tribe depends on knowing what we expect from each others.

Please take time to define and nominate who are your 2 closest Proximity Influencers and 3 most inspiring Spiritual Influencers.